Our Services:

Property, Liability and Worker's Compensation

CONFINET consultants perform:

  • Risk Management Audits and Reports to Management;
  • Insurance Audit  and Policy Analysis;
  • Contractual Liability Analysis (non-legal)-real estate, vendors, certificates;
  • Design and Supervise Risk Management and Insurance Program;
  • Compliance
  • Design and Negotiate Bidding of Services and Insurance Coverage;
  • Brokerage Service Evaluations;
  • Third Party Administration Evaluations;
  • Monitor Worker's Compensation Experience Modifier
  • Monitoring of Global Insurance Market conditions;
  • Self-Insurance Feasibility Studies;
  • Retention and Self-Insurance Funding Advice;
  • Captive, Pooled Risk and Group Purchase Feasibility Studies;
  • Litigation Support Services (non-legal);
  • Review of Pre-design and Construction
  • CAT Event Planning
  • Structure and Negotiate Surety and Guarantee Lines


  • Employee Benefits

    CONFINET consultants perform:
    • Audits and Reports;
    • Insurance Policy Analysis;
    • Design and Negotiation of Employee Benefit Insurance Program;
    • Prepare Bid Specifications and oversee Proposals;
    • Brokerage Services Evaluations;
    • TPA Service Review;
    • Communications Strategies;
    • Integrated Disability Evaluation;
    • Self-Insurance Feasibility Studies

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